Syria: Visions for Tomorrow

This blog is for an event related to Syria's Day After project being held on Nov. 29th at the ROM Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The event aims to bring people together in Ontario to discuss future possibilities for Syria post-Assad.

About The Event

Thanks to all who attended and for those of you who would like to view a recording of the event, please visit:

Panel Discussion with Art Exhibit

29 November 2012 — 6-10 PM – Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

Join us for a panel discussion with experts on Syria to discuss the future of the country.

The panel will feature Afra Jalabi, a Syrian-Canadian member of the opposition Syrian National Council; Dr. Paul Kingston, an Associate Professor of political science at the University of Toronto specializing in the Middle East; Hind Kabawat, a Syrian attorney based in Toronto and a Senior Analyst for Conflict resolution at George Mason University; and Stephen Starr, a freelance journalist who has spent the last five years in Syria and has recently published a book about the revolt entitled Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising.

The panel discussion will take place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., including an extended discussion period where you can interact with the speakers. Guests are also invited to attend a pre-talk art exhibit of Syrian-Canadian artist Nermin Moufti’s work starting at 6 p.m., where she will be available to discuss her work.

Please explore our event page for more information, including a detailed schedule of the evening, and don’t forget to reserve your seat(s).

About the Organizers

We are a group of Syrian-Canadians who are interested in contributing to the future of Syria and would like to bring Syrians and Canadians alike who are interested in learning and discussing future visions of a free and democratic Syria.

For more information, please contact us here or at 647-269-6889.

One thought on “About The Event

  1. I am an American that travelled to Syria twice in 2010 and would like to be involved. Have friends there. Stayed about a month each time. I plan to go back there permanently when things settle down. Love the people, the culture and the country.

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